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Best way to lose weight fast

As two in three Americans deals with being overweight or obese, up to 50 percent of Americans are searching online for ways to lose weight fast!

With over 20,000 books written on this topic with so much misinformation, the internet is full of all kinds of confusing and misleading information.

Here is a quick summary of the science of losing weight from a practicing weight loss physician and founder of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America, Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD.

What is proven to help to lose weight?

Although there are many weight loss programs, there about 5 proven measures for weight loss that are proven to help lose weight.

Obesity is treated using one or more of these
„A diet low in calories called Very Low Calorie Diet or Low Calorie Diet„Increased physical activity only in combination with low calorie diet (note exercise alone is not enough as it makes one hungry and builds muscle which is heavier)„Behavior therapy for weight loss provided by a trained weight …