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W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & MedSpa Locations

W8MD weight loss , sleep & medspa locations W8MD offers the following services W 8 MD Weight Loss Program Offers ·        a consultation, under the guidance of trained providers with experience in treating obesity, its associated conditions and a wide variety of sleep disorders. ·        instruction on nutritional programs teaching you: o    about metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and whether you are at risk. o    the proper amount of low glycemic foods you should be eating on a daily basis to fit your needs as well as fats, protein, and carbohydrates. o    how often, and the proper times you should be eating during the day. ·        individualized weight loss plan with all of the right ingredients and a partnership to help you reach your goal weight. ·        a loss of between 2-4 pounds a week with nutritious, easy to prepare, pre-portioned, low-glycemic food. If you work the program, the program will work for you! ·        Most insur
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Why exercise alone wont help you lose weight?

We have long heard it that you have to exercise more in order to lose weight. The fitness industry, the biggest loser show, the media, and most government agencies have long stressed how important it is to exercise more in order to lose weight. Despite the long help belief that exercise helps lose weight, large scale research studies have conclusively shown that exercise alone is almost useless for weight loss at a population level. Here is a review of the research studies, articles in various news outlets and magazines summarizing the current research and scientific thinking on the role exercise plays in weight loss. W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers - Why exercise alone is useless for weight loss? Gaurdian article -  Exercise alone won't cause weight loss 0 study shows! CNN article -  Here's why you exercise so much and still can't lose weight Time Magazine -  Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin? More articles on the science on whether exercise alone, wi

Weight Loss NYC

Did you know about 27% of all adults are obese in the city of New York? An additional 29% of New Yorker's are in the overweight category? Combined together, about 56% of all adults in NYC are obese or overweight! Are you a bit overweight or obese trying to lose weight in NYC (New York City)? Welcome to W8MD's Insurance Physician Weight Loss Center in NYC   Our unique physician weight loss program is different from other weight loss programs in NYC in many ways! Does my insurance cover physician weight loss visits in NYC? Unlike the many cash only weight loss programs in NYC, our W8MD physician weight loss program is one of the very few medical weight loss programs in greater New York City area to accept most health insurances for the physician weight loss in NYC . Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Fidelis, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, GHI and others are required to provided coverag